Tru Align : The Universal Wheel Alignment Adapter Kit


The Tool no alignment tech should be without.

Tru Align: Automotive Alignment Adapter Kit

<b>Fits </b> every tire/wheel combo

Fits every tire/wheel combo

Connects directly to the hub to handle over-sized wheels, trucks, low-riders and any other possible situation.

Increase Alignment Profits

Stop turning away customers. Charge a premium to align expensive rims. The Kit pays for itself, especially using the $80/Month financing option.

<b>Accurately</b> Align the First Time

Accurately Align the First Time

Alignment readings off the hub for the greatest possible accuracy. Never again fight clamp fitment issues.

Never Scratch the Rim

Never turn away a wheel alignment job because you fear scratching expensive wheels or are unsure your clamps don’t properly attach to the customer’s wheels.

Tru Align Is....

Tru Align, a patented system invented by a tire-alignment mechanic and tire store-owner, turns difficult wheel alignments in a simple, intuitive operation. Now you can align today’s large, colored, lipless and clad wheels with no difficulty. And, with little chance of damaging expensive wheels or alignment equipment.

What It Contains...

The Tru Align system consists of four precision plates (6061 T6 aluminum) and twelve steel adapters in eight different sizes that temporarily replace two or three lug nuts on each wheel. The 155-piece kit allows technicians to perform accurate alignments on virtually any vehicle on the road in North America, using their current alignment machines and tools.

Pays For Itself

Test trials prove that tire customers choose to pay $40.00 to $60.00 more for their alignment to insure that their wheels are not scratched. The average Tru Align equipped shop that implements the “choice program” will pay for their kit in three months and increase their overall alignment profits 20-30%.

Greater Profitability , Less Liability , More Accuracy

Tru Align’s unique, patented wheel alignment adapter system takes the wheel out of the alignment equation.

The Tru Align system will allow you to align original equipment, custom and even bent wheels, while allowing you to continue to use your current alignment machine. No wheel is too large for Tru Align. And, because the readings come off the hub, the alignment is more accurate than the use of standard alignment clamps.

The Tru Align system is constructed from hardened steel and aircraft grade aluminum. It will last a lifetime.

The Tru Align system has the shortest learning curve of any tool you will implement into your business.

<b>Why</b> Chance It?

Why Chance It?

Scratch just one custom wheel on a luxury car with your alignment clamp and you could be on the hook for $1,500!

Simple and Intuitive

Tru Align comes in both a standard and deluxe version.

The Standard alignment kit comes with the two most common adapter sizes to handle most jobs. The Deluxe kit has all size adapters for the complete range of vehicles. Additionally, the complete set of adapters or any other Tru Align item can also be ordered per item as needed.

Tru Align Alignment Kit

Tru Align Alignment Kit
$695 one time fee
  • 4 Tru Align Plates
  • 2 Sets of Adapters – (Choose 2 out of 8 sizes)
  • 12 Bolts 3/8 x 7/8
  • 12 Washers 3/8
  • Instructional DVD

A Decade of happy alignment techs, shop owners and dealerships has made Tru Align a success

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